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Prosperity & Opportunity in a Taxpayer-Friendly Kansas

As a homeowner, mom, and grandmother, I know that high taxes and rising inflation are a burden on families. It’s also critical for our economic growth.

I voted to:

  • Eliminate the state income tax on Social Security
  • Abolish the state sales tax on food
  • Reduce income and property tax rates for every Kansan

In the future, we must continue to reform our broken property appraisal system, lower taxes for every Kansan, and modernize our tax code so people want to live, work, and retire in Kansas!

Affordable & Accessible Health Care

As a health policy advisor for 20 years, I’ve worked to empower consumers with more choices while minimizing mandates that drive up health care costs. As your senator, I led the effort to provide you more options and remove barriers that inhibit your ability find the treatment and care you need.

I will continue to advocate for consumer-driven health care that lowers premiums, maximizes access, and puts you in charge.

Student-Centered Education

As a former teacher and district manager for Sylvan, I understand the importance of a student-focused learning environment. We successfully:

  • Fully funded our K-12 schools while modernizing our formula to help
    growing school districts.
  • Ended divisive DEI programs at our state universities, emphasizing
    excellence in academics.
  • Provided parents more flexibility for their kids to learn and succeed.

We must implement laser-like focus on students, emphasizing scholastic excellence, and giving parents more choices to ensure Kansas kids have a bright future.

Strong, Safe, and Peaceful Communities

Kansas must always be a beacon of law and order. We successfully banned sanctuary cities, criminalized organized retail theft, and increased penalties for stalking and violent crime.

We must continue to back the blue by giving law enforcement the proper tools to keep us safe.

Liberty & Freedom Safeguarded

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.” We have been diligent in safeguarding it here in Kansas, passing bills:

  • Repealing burdensome mandates imposed by unelected bureaucrats
  • Further securing our First, Second, and Fourth Amendment rights
  • Enacting the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

Common Sense Protections for Our Kids

One of our most important responsibilities is to protect minors. We passed bills to:

  • Require pornographic websites to use age verification technology to prevent minors from accessing harmful content
  • Stop gender-transition surgeries and treatments from being performed on minors
  • Establish an Office of Child Advocate to ensure foster kids under the state’s care have an independent voice advocating for what’s best for them

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